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"Come and Get Them"

Taken from Facebook- New York Second Amendment Supporters leave a Molon Labe banner for Governor Andrew Cuomo in Albany, on the eve of NY’s “Assault Weapon” registration deadline, as part of the NY SAFE Act, a widely unpopular bill among upstate New Yorkers

Only 3-5k of the 1,000,000+ gun owners in NY have complied with the registration requirements. “We will not comply” is the motto among many.






Why are the ‘world wars’ called the ‘world’ wars when it was only a bunch a white countries beefing over who gets to control and fuck up the world the most? Why does everything white suddenly become the world?

ah yes 

the world wars were white

remember the white countries japan, china, egypt, libya, morocco, iraq, brazil, the phillipines, thailand, vietnam, burma and ethiopia in the world wars

so white

study study study

Oh tumblr

I hate humanity

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